It’s Time for Enrollment….

That’s right. I said it – that dirty, little E- word that makes every college student tremble, sweat, or cry (maybe all three). 

It’s time to enroll in classes for next semester tomorrow morning, (not so) bright and early at seven AM! For the past week, enrollment has been the topic of choice and the main stressor throughout campus.

“Will I get into my class?”

“What if I get shut out of Philosophy?”

“I need this class for my major!”

“I will literally die if I don’t get into this class!” (said with as much melodrama as that of a 13 year old girl, because, yes, girls unfortunately still act like they’re 13. And yes, she might “literally” die because she “just can’t right now.”)

And you know, if you don’t get into Advanced Philosophical Ethics somethingorother, the world is going to absolutely end, you’ll never graduate, and life is just going to be terrible!

Calm down!! Go outside. Make a snowman. Read a book. Make some tea. Relax. Look up at the sky and the stars and realize how insignificant you’re political perspectives class that you “absolutely must have” is.

So what, if you don’t get your coveted class? Don’t sweat it! Life will go on, and everything works itself out in the long run. 

Do what you can, and the rest is what it is!

That being said, I hope everyone gets the classes that they want/need. Just don’t stress over them!

Carpe Diem,