Catching Fire!!

Hello, everyone!

As it is only four pm and I have just finished off my seventh cup of tea for the day (I’m still tired, by the way), I decided a bit of procrastination is in order. Today I am writing about how ecstatic I am that Catching Fire is coming out on Thursday night! I have yet to buy my midnight tickets (later procrastination activities?), but I am excited nonetheless for two main reasons.

One, Catching Fire was arguably the best book in the series. I loved the original, but nothing beat throwing Peeta and Katniss back in the ring and watching them stick it to the man for a second time (even more epicly, if I may say so). Also, that clockwork arena thing was genius – kudos to Suzanna Collins. She’s amazing.

I am not at all worried, either, that the new movie won’t live up to the book (moment of silence, please, for It’s Kind of a Funny Story). After The Hunger Games movie, I know these guys have what it takes to make this movie amazing, too. Which brings me to my next point.

Jennifer Lawrence is pure perfection (and 99% of the reason I started writing this). Not only does she perform as Katniss with the soul and commitment that we hope all actors would, she presents herself in the real world with even more grace and idealism than we expect. She’s a kick-ass role model for every woman alive. Her self-respect and genuine kindness is laced perfectly with just the right kind of humor that makes me (as well as many other people) idolize her. I’ll never forget when she opened the crowd-gate to hug a handicapped fan, when she tripped on stage at the Oscars and handled it better than most people ever would, or when she refused to diet for a role at the risk of getting fired. JLaw is redefining what it means to be a star, and I love her immensely for it. And although I may not be the biggest fan of Katniss Everdeen (I mean, come on, guys! She’s such a tease…), I will watch/follow/tweet everything Katniss simply because she’s JLaw. 

I hope you all eat popcorn and candy (because you know Jennifer would want you to) and enjoy the movie!


Carpe Diem,

Julie ❤